Jean-Marie Mariotti Center

On thursday 5th of december, one room of the Grenoble University datacenter get into troubles due to a water cooling outage. Some network services without proper redundancy impacted some of the JMMC service. There was no loss of data and everything should be back on at 17:00 CEST. If you have any remark or question, feel free to contact the User Support

User Support at JMMC

The JMMC is commited to provide support to the users of the VLTI and other interferometers. For this purpose, a single contact e-mail address has been created:

(To protect this list from spam, you have to write this email-address by hand)

You can also fill the dedicated feedback form.

Java technology

Some JMMC softwares requires to install Java on the user machine. For any question related to Java installation for the JMMC softwares, please first refer to the java help page. You can also refer to the JavaTester site to get more information on your current configuration.


The JMMC uses RSS syndication. RSS lets the user know JMMC news or JMMC software updates without having to visit the JMMC web site. The real power comes when you track multiple sites on the same way. For any question related to RSS installation, please first refer to the RSS help page