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You may get into troubles if you installed recently Java version 8u141. It had a bug that prevent running our java application through Java Web Start. A new release ( 8u144 ) has been deployed from

JMMC Virtual Observatory Resources : Applications, Catalogues and databases

The JMMC technical group is involved in VO development to :
  • integrate available VO standards and formats into the Jmmc Applications;
  • push data and optical interfeometry data model into the VO.
  Our main VO compliant products:


AppLauncher is the JMMC SAMP hub extension, to automatically start capable applications 'on demand' and provide a 'Dock' window with all JMMC applications (Aspro2, SearchCal, LITpro, OIFitsExplorer...) and VO compliant tools.


The Bad Calibrators Catalog


Astrometric calibrators for exoplanet hosting stars


A global database for optical interferometry


The JMMC Stellar Diameters Catalog

  Some of IVOA VO applications that we love and support:


Tool for OPerations on Catalogues And Tables
Does what you want with tables


Strasbourg astronomical Data Center, with Simbad, Vizier, Aladin and many other.