Jean-Marie Mariotti Center

On thursday 5th of december, one room of the Grenoble University datacenter get into troubles due to a water cooling outage. Some network services without proper redundancy impacted some of the JMMC service. There was no loss of data and everything should be back on at 17:00 CEST. If you have any remark or question, feel free to contact the User Support

Structure of the JMMC



The JMMC is headed by a Director who manage the general activities of the center and the relations with Institutes abroad. He is assisted by a Scientific Director who coordinates the research and production activities of the Groups and of the Software Development Center.

JMMC activities concerning software production and maintainance, are driven by a Project Manager at the Software Development Center.

Groups are association of researchers and engineers around a common R&D interest.


  • 2013+ Gilles Duvert
  • 2001-2012 Alain Chelli

Scientific Council

The projects of the JMMC are defined, analysed and priorized by a Scientific Council representative of the Partner Laboratories. The Scientific Council is formed by:

Gilles Duvert (Director, OSUG)
André Ferrari (OCA)
Jean-Francois Gonzalez (CRAL)
Sébastien Derriere (CDS)
Sylvestre Lacour (OBSPM)
Laurent Mugnier (ONERA)
Nicolas Nardetto (OCA)
Coralie Neiner (OBSPM)
Thibaut Paumard (OBSPM) : chair
Pierre-Olivier Petrucci (OSUG)

Past members of the Scientific Council

Pascal Bordé (IAS)
Alain Chelli (OSUG)
Olivier Chesneau † (OCA)
Françoise Genova (Representative ASOV, CDS, Obs. Strasbourg)
Pierre Kervella (Obs. Paris)
Bruno Lopez (OCA)
Fabien Malbet (OSUG)
Denis Mourard (OCA)


Engineers are detached to JMMC by the Partner Laboratories, on a yearly basis, or per project.


The JMMC administration is provided by IPAG.

Aline Bellosguardo
Past secretary : Fabienne Boucard, Laurence Platel.