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April 24, 2018

DNS outage detected - and fixed!

Thanks to supervision of Grenoble services from Nice Observatory, we detected some DNS failures. This broke access to some services.

All services should be back again. We changed some DNS records on 24 april 2018 at 15:00 UTC to workarround some changes operated on the Grenoble University DNS system.

Please feel free to send any feedback to the support team.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience,
The JMMC technical group

March 07, 2018

SearchCal version 4.5

  • Features:
    • Added support for J and H bands in faint mode.
    • Display computed Icous magnitude instead of I (johnson) in GUI.
    • Added an 'Open Recent' menu.
    • Improved JTable look and feel (auto size columns, number formatter and right alignment).
    • Enabled GZip compression by default when saving a calibrator list (scvot.gz).
  • Changes:
    • Increased the minimum required java version from 1.5 to 1.6 (aka java 6)
    • Enhanced cross-match algorithm to use proper motions (ASCC, HIP2 or USNO) when querying and matching other catalogs (2MASS, Denis, AKARI).
    • Added query to HIP2 'Hipparcos, the New Reduction (van Leeuwen, 2007)' to get more accurate star properties (Ra/Dec, proper motion, parallax).
    • Added duplicated stars filter on the ASCC catalog (distance less than 10 arcsec) in bright scenario.
    • Modified Bright K scenario to use a larger constraint on V band (Kmaxi + 4 to get more giant stars).
    • Modified rule to determine the mean diameter OK (now require 3 diameters, BVK in bright and JHK in faint).
    • Compute all possible diameters in both bright and faint scenarii.
    • Check the validity domain of each color index before computing its corresponding angular diameter.
    • Check 2MASS quality flag (Qflg) to discard invalid J, H or K magnitudes ('U' or 'X' cases only; 'A' to 'E' are still considered valid).
    • Fixed 2MASS query in bright scenario to get also USNO optical sources (opt=[TU]) as done in faint scenario.
    • Added HIP2 catalog into legend.
    • Update the progress bar while loading a large calibrator list (JSDC catalog).
    • Enhanced performance of the HTML and CSV exports.
    • Optimized filter processing.
    • Enhanced performance when using the Delete action.
    • Improved global performance when handling large dataset (JSDC catalog).
  • Bug fixes:
    • Check compatibility of square visibilities with/without interstellar absportion in faint scenario (i.e. reject stars when vis2 are incompatible : DIAM_FLAG = NOK).
    • Fixed interstellar absorption (AV) correction on K and V magnitudes in faint scenario.
    • Fixed cross-matches near celestian poles in the distance filter.
    • Fixed data change detection for user confirmation before loosing changes.
    • Fixed missing Hot News/Release Notes/FAQ links in Help menu.
  • Developer notes:
    • New VOTable format: confidences have integer types, flags move to boolean type (plxFlag, diamFlag, deletedFlag)
    • New diam_count column to count number of consistent computed diameters
    • Modified Bright K and Faint K scenarii to use only one primary request (ASCC and 2MASS respectively) and other catalogs as secondary requests (proper motion handling).
    • Always compute galactic coordinates (i.e. do not retrieve them anymore from catalogs 2MASS or HIPPARCOS).
    • Improved performance on JTable cell renderer.
    • Use a JPEG icon instead of the PNG to work around a known bug on Mac OS X / Java7.
    • Optimized filter processing (use add instead of remove).
    • Added VOTable PARAM to embed server and GUI version numbers.
    • Fixed TABLE nrows attribute when saving a calibrator list.
    • Upgraded SAVOT VOTable library (4.0) with improved overall performance and GZip compression support.

SearchCal version 5.1

  • Features:
    • Improved Java support (9 + mac OS X) but Java 7 minimum is now required

March 06, 2018

Aspro2 version

  • Features:
    • Improved Java support (9 + mac OS X) but Java 7 minimum is now required
    • Improved Noise modelling: use the appropriate object magnitude for every spectral channel (notably for JHK or LMN instruments)
    • Improved Noise modelling for MATISSE: minor changes to noise parameter computation (number of pixel per channel)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed exception in the model image mapping to the instrument wavelengths (no image found in the spectral channel)
    • Fixed SNR (V2, VIS/T3 PHI) computation to use final estimated values and errors

AppLauncher version 1.1.8

  • Features:
    • Improved Java support (9 + mac OS X) but Java 7 minimum is now required
  • Bug fixes:
    • Avoid a NullPointerException

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