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October 16, 2018

OImaging version 0.5

  • Features:
    • Added 'Send OIFits data' action in the Interop menu to share OIFits data with OIFitsExplorer and other VO tools
    • Added 'Send Fits image' action in the Interop menu to share Fits image with any VO tools
    • Better software parameter handling: hide unsupported standard parameters per software
    • Use more precision for min/max wavelengths
    • added check if a job is still running before quitting
    • Add File/New action to reset current session
    • Add Edit/Delete action to remove the selected results
    • Preliminary support for MiRA
    • Enable expression evaluator in OIFits plots
    • Improved GUI to deal with software optional parameters
    • Improved GUI to deal with software parameters (common / specific)
    • Improved Java support (9 + mac OS X) but Java 7 minimum is now required
  • Changes:
    • Fixed FITS keyword handling to avoid duplicated keywords in image HDUs and IMAGE-OI INPUT PARAM table
    • Request UWS job deletion after result retrieval (is also done weekly on the server side in case of failure)
    • Internal refactoring arround OIFits internal model. At present time, OIFits V2 are loaded as V1
    • Use heat as default LUT table for the FITS image viewer

September 11, 2018

Aspro2 version

  • Features:
    • Added new information messages for MATISSE (DIT, wavelength restrictions)
    • Always use the instrument default value for the Total Integration Time on the UV Coverage Panel
    • Added MATISSE for ESO Period 103 (offered modes & noise parameters)
    • Added scale / rotation fields in the 'Target Editor' to adjust user models (FITS images): these optional fields are taken into account in the Fits image viewer, UV Coverage panel and OIFits viewer (GUI) and by the command line tool
    • Added 'Mag conv.' action in the Target Editor to open the Magnitude to Flux converter (Jy to mag), useful for MATISSE fluxes
    • Added GetStar action in the Target Editor to open the GetStar web page for the current target
    • Added support of target groups (OB, user) & their target associations (OB) in the Target Editor
    • Restored old approach to estimate V2 / T3 error and noisy data when SNR < 3: numerical approach (sampling) does not work in such degenerated cases, so the theoretical error are used instead (added noise to V2 / T3 data is uncorrelated)
    • Added SAMP interoperability to export / import 'targets from an observation' between ASPRO instances
    • Added tooltips on all target lists and trees
    • Added action 'Import targets from an observation' (File menu) to import targets from another observation file (asprox) with their models and calibrator associations
  • Bug fixes:
    • Increased font & icon size for the Status indicator
    • Fixed application startup on Windows with JDK > 9
    • Fixed OIFits data flagging when SNR < to use only the theoretical SNR on squared visibility
    • Fixed missing band U in the noise modelling

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