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September 11, 2018

Aspro2 version

  • Features:
    • Added new information messages for MATISSE (DIT, wavelength restrictions)
    • Always use the instrument default value for the Total Integration Time on the UV Coverage Panel
    • Added MATISSE for ESO Period 103 (offered modes & noise parameters)
    • Added scale / rotation fields in the 'Target Editor' to adjust user models (FITS images): these optional fields are taken into account in the Fits image viewer, UV Coverage panel and OIFits viewer (GUI) and by the command line tool
    • Added 'Mag conv.' action in the Target Editor to open the Magnitude to Flux converter (Jy to mag), useful for MATISSE fluxes
    • Added GetStar action in the Target Editor to open the GetStar web page for the current target
    • Added support of target groups (OB, user) & their target associations (OB) in the Target Editor
    • Restored old approach to estimate V2 / T3 error and noisy data when SNR < 3: numerical approach (sampling) does not work in such degenerated cases, so the theoretical error are used instead (added noise to V2 / T3 data is uncorrelated)
    • Added SAMP interoperability to export / import 'targets from an observation' between ASPRO instances
    • Added tooltips on all target lists and trees
    • Added action 'Import targets from an observation' (File menu) to import targets from another observation file (asprox) with their models and calibrator associations
  • Bug fixes:
    • Increased font & icon size for the Status indicator
    • Fixed application startup on Windows with JDK > 9
    • Fixed OIFits data flagging when SNR < to use only the theoretical SNR on squared visibility
    • Fixed missing band U in the noise modelling

June 25, 2018

Application's Server maintenance on June 25th 2018

Due to some network update requirements, we have to reboot the applications server (Aspro2,LITpro, SearchCal). This operation should be quick and is scheduled arround 3:30PM EST

Please send a message to the user support if you have any issue related

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September 19, 2018 11:00 PM
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